Hardware Life Expectancy

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This article reviews the life expectancy for some of our most frequently purchased and used hardware based on consistent use and good care. This article will be updated as we get more information from our partners about different sensors.
On average, life expectancy for most (not all) hardware is about 5 years. Good care consists of keeping hardware clean and adhering to manufacturer specs on storage. Please see below for details:
Shimmer: Five to six years with regular use, this is highly impacted by usage and treatment of the device
Tobii: Anecdotal information from the Tobii support team is that the same tracker can be used for 5+ years with some customers using the first generation tools for over 10 years.  They say that their systems are built to last, providing they are used properly
ABM: The average and official use expectancy is 1,000 uses or 5 years, however customers have reported using the same ABM system for 7 years. Note that this refers to the adapter/amplifier, NOT the sensor strips. Again, these averages have been determined under optimal conditions, meaning the device has been properly handled and maintained. 
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