How to Cite iMotions

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How to properly cite iMotions in articles or presentations

How to cite use of the software for data presentation, collection, annotation, and analysis:

When citing iMotions in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, conference papers or presentations, or other presentations, please use the following notation if you are using the current version of the software:

In article text: Data was collected and analyzed in iMotions (2016).

In reference list: iMotions Biometric Research Platform 6.0, iMotions A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2016.

If you used a previous version of the software for your study, please replace the version number (i.e. 5.7 instead of 6.0)


How to cite any of the White Papers or Pocket Guides

If you are using any information from the White Papers or Pocket Guides available on our website, please use the following notation:

In article text: © iMotions (2016).

In reference list: iMotions A/S (2016). [title of white paper or guide]. Retrieved from on [MM/DD/YYYY].

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What's new

  • New Affectiva Deep-Learning Engine.
  • Full integration with Neuroelectrics Enobio.
  • Full integration with Smart Eye Pro.
  • Tighter and advanced SMI integrations.
  • Moving to 64-bit computing.
  • Enhanced gaze mapping functionalities.
  • Improved workflows and UX.
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