How to Contact iMotions Support

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If you are in need of technical support or have general questions in relation to the iMotions software, then you can always contact iMotions support for help.

Our email is:

When you write to us please remember to include a description of the behavior you are encountering, and screen shots of the issue/behavior, as well as any links for us do download relevant files (i.e. a copy of your study via dropbox).

If you contact us from a private email, or if it's the first time you reach out to support. Then please mention which organization you are part of. This information helps us in assigning you to the organization's account, and may help us solve your concern faster.

If you are running version 6.3.5 of iMotions. Then you will be able to contact us directly from the software.


This feature provides us with important information such as your product key so we can quickly check your license. Please add a detailed description, still with screen shots or relevant links, so we know what steps were taken resulting in the issue. In addition to this, the dialog sends along a copy of the iMotions log files, which include the details of any iMotions error message.

Best Wishes
iMotions Support Team 


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Download the latest iMotions version: iMotions 7.1

What's new

  • Tobii HTC Vive VR Eye Tracking Integration.
  • Pupil Labs Glasses Integration.
  • Lab Streaming Layer Support.
  • Improved Platform Usability.
  • EyeTech and Affectiva Improvements.
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