iMotions Onboarding Learning Path

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  1. Introduction to the Learning Path
    • Learning Path Prerequisites
    • Learning Path Overview
    • Additional Resources and Reference Material
  2. Introduction to Biometric Research
    • Introduction to Biometric Research
  3. Introduction to Specific Biometric Measures
    • Fundamentals of Eye Tracking
    • Fundamentals of Facial Expression Analysis
    • Fundamentals of Galvanic Skin Response (GSR)
  4. Installing iMotions and Sensors
    • Walkthrough - Setting Up a Research Workspace
    • Walkthrough - Installing the iMotions Lab Software
    • Walkthrough - Installing and Configuring an Eye Tracker
    • Walkthrough - Installing and Configuring a Webcam for Facial Expression Analysis
    • Walkthrough - Installing and Configuring a Galvanic Skin Response (GSR)
  5. Setting Up an iMotions Study
    • Designing and Preparing a Study
    • Walkthrough - Building an iMotions Study
    • Creating a Study Protocol
  6. Collecting iMotions Data
    • Walkthrough - Collecting iMotions Trial Results and Revising the Study
    • Walkthrough - Collecting Usable Data
  7. Analyzing Biometric Data - Basic Techniques
    • Walkthrough - Creating an iMotions Analysis
    • Walkthrough - Reviewing Respondent Statistics and Summary Metrics
    • Walkthrough - Reviewing Individual Respondent Data
    • Walkthrough - Generating and Reading a Heatmap
    • Walkthrough - Creating an Area of Interest
    • Walkthrough - Reviewing Survey Data
    • Walkthrough - Reviewing Aggregated or "Grouped" Respondent Data
  8. Analyzing Biometric Data - Advanced Techniques
    • Walkthrough - Generating Scenes for Segmenting Data
    • Walkthrough - Creating Post Study Markers for Annotation
    • Walkthrough - Exporting Data
    • Walkthrough - Exploring Data Exports in Microsoft Excel
  9. Presenting Biometric Results
    • Submission - Report Description and Instructions


Learn step-by-step how to use iMotions with the Onboarding program. The fastest and most efficient way to bring yourself up to speed. 

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Download the latest iMotions version: iMotions 7.0

What's new

  • New Affectiva Deep-Learning Engine.
  • Full integration with Neuroelectrics Enobio.
  • Full integration with Smart Eye Pro.
  • Tighter and advanced SMI integrations.
  • Moving to 64-bit computing.
  • Enhanced gaze mapping functionalities.
  • Improved workflows and UX.
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