What is the iMotions Certification Program?

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Become an expert in biometrics and with the iMotions platform

iMotions Certification is a course that will teach you the fundamentals of conducting effective biometric research using iMotions Software and solutions. Upon completion, you will be awarded a certificate, providing evidence of your proficiency with iMotions and biometric research.

Learn how to apply principles of research design, data collection, and data analysis to studies using biometric tools such as eye tracking, facial expressions analysis, GSR, EEG and ECG/EMG. Leverage these new skills to present meaningful results on how individuals engage emotionally, cognitively, visually and behaviorally in almost any situation.


Guided courses and adaptable learning path

Throughout the learning path, you will be provided with real datasets that were collected to answer actual research questions. Throughout the process, an iMotions Product Specialist will serve as your dedicated instructor – available to answer your questions and provide you with detailed feedback about your final project.

You will be provided with real data sets that were collected to answer actual research questions. Your instructor will help you through the process of analyzing each of these datasets and teach you how to interpret the results.


Get certified and become part of the iMotions community of experts

Join a growing community of iMotions Certified professionals. Learn about theories and best practices within biometric research, and how to use iMotions solutions to maximize your output and value of multimodal research. You’ll learn how to create effective human behavior studies that leverage the best biometric sensors available to draw meaningful conclusions, as well as fine tune your practical skills with hands-on assignments.

The certification is suitable for:

  • Lab Managers responsible for building up a lab based on iMotions solutions
  • Researchers growing their ability to triangulate multiple data sets of human behavior.
  • Students looking for internships or full-time positions as human behavior researchers
  • Marketers looking to expand their marketing skill set to include biometric data


Time well spent

After completing the certification, you will have built an impressive portfolio that demonstrates your skills at designing, building, collecting, annotating and analyzing data, and presenting results for human behavior research.  In addition to your own templates and final project you will receive a personalized badge and certification that you can display to showcase your skills.

If you want to know more, visit the Certification FAQ article and the which courses are included in it.

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What's new

  • Varjo VR integration
  • Data collection engine improvements
  • R-notebook integration
  • Key frames for gaze mapping
  • Tobii Nano
  • Emotiv Cortex SDK
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