What is the iMotions Onboarding Program?

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The fastest and most efficient way to bring yourself up to speed

This learning path is the quickest way to get up to speed using the iMotions Lab Platform. The iMotions Onboarding program is designed to quickly enable fluency with the use of iMotions and biometrics.

You will learn step-by-step how to use iMotions - from downloading the software and setting up the lab, all the way to being able to build a complete research report in biometrics.

Professional and personalized training

You will be trained and guided through your onboarding process by a dedicated iMotions expert.

You will cover the key stages of research with a specific study designed by the iMotions team; you will learn how to build it from scratch, collect the data, and perform a series of analyses. Along the way, we introduce important topics such as how best to set up your research space, what constitutes a good research question, and how to design and test your study.

The learning path concludes with a guided exercise that provides you with practice putting real data analysis results into a report that is suitable for presentation.

Do you want to know more? Visit the article about FAQ on Onboarding.


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Download the latest iMotions version: iMotions 8.0

What's new

  • Varjo VR integration
  • Data collection engine improvements
  • R-notebook integration
  • Key frames for gaze mapping
  • Tobii Nano
  • Emotiv Cortex SDK
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