FAQ iMotions Onboarding program

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Is there any prerequisite?

You need to be an iMotions client in order to be able to participate in the Onboarding learning path. Other than that, there is no prerequisites for this program.


What is the material that I need?

  • Access to https://help.imotions.com
  • Access to http://academy.imotions.com
  • iMotions Lab Software installed on Windows PC
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • One or more these biometric sensors
    • USB Web Camera for Facial Expression Analysis
    • Remote Eye Tracker (recommended Tobii X2-30)
    • Galvanic Skin Response Device (recommended Shimmer3)


How much time do I need to finalize the course?

Approximately between 4 and 6 hours are needed to finalize the course.


Structure of Onboarding:

  • Initial kickoff call: Talk with a Customer
    Success Manager about your needs and
  • Walkthrough material provided
  • 1st session: Learn how to create a study and
    successfully collect data.
  • 2nd session: Review data quality, the analysis
    tools available, and export data.
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Download the latest iMotions version: iMotions 7.1

What's new

  • Tobii HTC Vive VR Eye Tracking Integration.
  • Pupil Labs Glasses Integration.
  • Lab Streaming Layer Support.
  • Improved Platform Usability.
  • EyeTech and Affectiva Improvements.
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